I have spent my life studying what it takes to be strong

Even as a little girl, I wanted to be strong. That desire eventually led me to martial arts, which is where I learned what it truly means to have strength. So when I was asked to develop a program to keep our daughters safe, I knew it had to encompass more than just some physical moves to subdue an attacker. To really make a difference, I had to come up with a way to help young women begin to develop what I call, “True Confidence.” And that involves becoming stronger in mind, body, AND spirit. Only then can we change the cycle and stop becoming victims in the first place. Now my mission has become.…to change the statistic. And my ultimate vision….a world where sexual assault is obsolete.

Strength in the Mind

This is your level of knowledge on how to stay safe. Call it “street smarts” or just plain awareness. Do you have it? How aware are you? I am here to increase your level with practical information. I’ll be your catalyst to get you thinking and seeing situations in a savvy way. Avoiding risky situations and training your brain to anticipate, and recognize what action to take, is the meat of this section. More knowledge equals more confidence. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have.

Strength in the Body

This is about your physical strength, the level of power your body can exert. If you need to hit or kick something or someone, could you do it effectively? With how much force behind it? Break down that door? Disable an attacker? Get out of a hold? And let’s not forget the forcefulness of your voice. Can you project assertively? More physical power equals more confidence. I’ll show you simple ways to get more confidence through demonstrations and practice.

Strength in the Spirit

This type of strength is often overlooked. It’s about your level of self-worth. Do you love yourself? Respect yourself? Believe in yourself? Call it emotional strength, heart, attitude. It’s about being your own best friend. We’ll examine ways you can strengthen your spirit. I’ll help you recognize how your thinking can sabotage you, so you can kick out the thoughts that don’t serve you well. Avoiding risky situations starts here with how you see yourself. High self- esteem equals more confidence. I just may argue that this is the most important strength of all

This is a picture of me collaborating with my daughter, Jaemi. She created the main illustrations in my book. That, in itself, made this special to me.

Who can use this information and how can it help NOW?

Sexual assault is not a new topic, but the attention it is getting now is tremendous. When I wrote the first edition, the #MeToo movement of 2017 had not yet happened. People have now become brave enough to share their stories. So much so, that many famous and influential men have been accused, fired, or forced to step down because of sexual assault charges. I am grateful there is more awareness. Awareness of the problem, however, is just the first step. This book is about finding a SOLUTION. It’s about taking responsibility NOW and not waiting for societal change. Your true strength must not wait for, or rely on, others. Today may be better, but
we still have far to go as a society.

Find Your Strength was created as a solution to help you avoid problems first and foremost, but also teaches you how to defend yourself if necessary. All in an easy, yet effective, approach.

The Teenager or Young Woman

This program can be taken in by the young woman on her own. She can read the book and apply the concepts to her life. She can also participate in a seminar; taking the information to the next level, with a hands-on experience and the opportunity to share thoughts and ask questions in person. Checklists for each area of strength come with the book as a bonus, so she can start taking action NOW!

Moms, Dads, and Other Family Members

It dawned on me that parents and other caregivers reading this book would be a great place to start. We, as parents, can look back on our experiences and see the part we may have played in the cycle of abuse, however small or large it may have been. The book then becomes a catalyst for discussions with our daughters. Sharing some of our own experiences can and will be powerful. Then together, we can change the statistic.

For Executives and Community Leaders

You can lead by example using this message and content for your corner of the world. It is
through personal leadership that this message can be carried and spread by action takers who
understand the problem and take the initiative to address it. You can coordinate your own
roundtable discussions with the book, or hire us to teach a seminar based upon these