Taking this journey has opened me up in many ways. I am grateful for that, but the journey is far from over. I ask you to walk with me no matter where you are now. If you need help, reach out. If you can offer help, raise your hand. If you are uncomfortable, walk with it anyway, you WILL get to a better place.

The core of my message is to avoid risky situations from the start. It is no secret that sexual assault is prevalent in today’s society, so it’s our job to be smart with our choices. However, if you do find yourself at risk, then I want you to know what to do next.

The statistics we read about today, in 2018, reflect a time when the risks were unspoken and under reported. But no more. The bell has rung and it cannot be un-rung. This is so much more than one person’s mission, but I am proud to put my heart and soul into this book in hopes of offering guidance to today’s young women. I speak to you as a mother, understanding on the deepest level what I want and don’t want for my daughter… and yours.

I would love to hear from you and continue to build a community of Find Your Strength supporters. This book is just the beginning. I will keep learning and growing and sharing with you. Please join my Facebook group to learn more and to be inspired. You can also share your experience, hope and courage to help our young women and men as they Find Their Strength in these changing times.

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