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Find Your Strength

The woman’s journey to finding inner strength for today’s challenges

Teaching young woman..

being a teacher set me on this journey, learning from and seeing things through the eyes of students

Physical Strength is not enough

The best source of strength comes from within, a good mind and strong heart

The journey of a young woman from around 5th grade on is full of large changes. In school alone, going from elementary to middle, middle to high, high school to college all represent a big changes. These can consist of physical, social and emotional elements often all at the same time. As a teacher in elementary grades, I have seen and experienced the need young women have to learn how to help themselves navigate these changes. With knowledge combined with actions I can help young women create their best mindset. It reinforces the principles of my book that physical strength alone is incomplete. I have a few simple handouts that go with my book that communicate these important points.Click here.

This is the starting piece of information that set my passion on fire. I had no idea of how large this problem truly was. To see how large this problem is, click here.

My book is a tool for young women, with ot without help, to take the best care or herself. For mothers and women who care for a younger woman, i hope this can be a tool ro have the important conversations. To offer experience, courage and wisdom from your personal story. To get an outline of some talking points, click here.

Find Your Strength is not a just a book, It is my mission in life. It comes from a compelling inner feeling that has grown in me over the last 10 years. As a master in the martial arts, a teacher with a masters degree and a woman and mother, all of these forces in my life have set me in this direction.

It started with mothers asking me to help prepare their daughters to be physically safe. In our martial arts studio we do just that, but it takes years of training, dedication and desire to become a master. I did not feel comfortable with doing a presentation for a couple of “moves” that would help keep a woman safe. It did not feel right not do I think it would truly be the most effective answer or approach.

I had to be honest with myself about my own journey. I looked into the eyes of the young woman I taught in classrooms and then realized what i had to do. My goal is to empower young women to make the best choices to be both physically and emotionally safe. They are inextricably bound together, and when I saw the statistics of physical molestation, my feeling became a burning passion.

Today this has become a high profile issue, rightfully so. But #metoo is recognition, and I propose action now, with change hopefully coming but not waiting or expecting it. It is taking responsibility for ourselves while change evolves. As woman, we are stronger than we sometimes know, and through knowledge and support we can be our own best friends.